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Your Harry Potter Alter Ego

[ Black Sisters Power ]

Your harry potter alter ego
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to hp_ratings! This is a rating community for the Harry Potter books/movies. Nothing extraordinary goes on here: You fill out an application and let the votes come to you. There are only a few selected characters that you can vote for/be voted as.
There’s also a side application in which you get sorted to one of the four houses, and after that you can start participating in challenges to win points for your house.
Like how it sounds? Join!

-You must join the community to post and vote.
-Copy the application located below just as it is. Put it entirely behind an LJ-cut. If you don’t know how to use the LJ-cut go here.
-The application must be filled with proper grammar and spelling. We’re not expecting a perfect essay but please DoN’t TyPe LiKe ThIs and don’t use abbreviations.
-You can reapply after a month has passed since you got your first stamp.
-As of Harry’s birthday July 31, 2006, all entries must be unlocked. We like for people to be able to see what this community is about before they join.

-All you have to do is join to vote. You don’t need to be stamped.
-BOLD your votes. Go here if you don’t know how to do that.
-Show us how well educated you are by not being rude to others. We don’t need that here.
-You can comment if you find similarities with more than one character, but please make your bold vote only for one.

-You will be stamped when you've gotten at least five votes.
-There will be no double stamping. If you have an equal amount of votes for two or more characters the mods will review the application and decide what suits you best. We will take good care of you.

-REMEMBER: This stamping community is only for these characters. You cannot vote for any other character =)
-IMPORTANT: To prove us that you’ve read the rules, put "Accio Stamp!" in the subject line of your application. In the LJ-cut text you are free to put whatever you like.
-If you’re a stamped member, you can make posts with promotions in the community, but only once a week for every different community that you’re promoting. And remember, you can only do this if you’ve been stamped.

And one more thing: Even if you're not required to watch the community when you join to apply for a stamp, we would definitely appreciate if you did, because that way you can easily keep track of the new applications and vote on others and so helping to keep the community alive.


You can find a list of all the members that have received a regular stamp here along with links to all of the applications.

And just to refresh everyone's memory, here are the characters that you can vote for in this community:

•Albus Dumbledore•
•Barty Crouch Jr.•
•Bellatrix Lestrange•
•Gilderoy Lockhart•
•James Potter•
•Lily Potter•
•Lord Voldemort•
•Lucius Malfoy•
•Minerva McGonagall•
•Molly Weasley•
•Narcissa Malfoy•
•Nymphadora Tonks•
•Percy Weasley•
•Peter Pettigrew•
•Remus Lupin•
•Rita Skeeter•
•Severus Snape•
•Sirius Black•
•Sybill Trelawney•


You’ve got a regular stamp? If you do, then this is where you want to go next. You can fill out a side application to get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts Houses. After that, you can go ahead and join your Common Room to have fun with people from your same house.
Getting sorted also gives you the right to participate in the challenges which will allow you to earn points for your house, and at the end of each “School Year”, the House Cup will be awarded to one.

To find the side application and read all the details, go here.
To learn about challenges and earning points go here.

The Common Rooms



You must have a regular stamp in order to participate in the themes.
Animagus theme

If you want, you can help us by promoting this community. Just take this little banner, upload it to your own server (like Photobucket or ImageShack) and past the correct URL to the part of the code where it says YOUR URL HERE. Then copy and past the whole code and that's it. Just as simple as that. We'd be very thankful =D


If you have a rating or claims community and you’d like to affiliate with this one, let us know by making a post in the community if you’re a member, or by leaving a comment in any mod post.

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The owners of the Mansion are:
Bellatrix & Narcissa

lauchis & ladyrocketdale respectively

The lovely mod is:


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